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Turbidity Meter

Our Turbidity Meters are the most accurate and reliable instruments available for measurement of suspended solids in the samples. We offer both nephelometers and turbidity meters for different applications in both national and international markets.

Turbidity Meters are extremely useful for measurement of suspended solids in sewage water, ground water, potable water, soil analysis laboratories, fisheries, water quality control in boiler feed water, water works department, breweries, water purification plants, chemical & pharmaceutical industries etc.

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Digital Turbidity Meter- 335, 331 & 341

Digital Turbidity/Nephelo Meter are ideal instruments for the measurement of suspensions. They consist of a light source focused on a test tube containing the sample solution under test. The light, reflected at a right angle to the focused light by the suspension in the solution, is detected by the photodiode detector, amplified and